Billy Duck
PB&J Otter - Billy Duck




Possibly 11-15



Billy Duck is a cousin of Flick seen only in the story "Billy the Duck." When Flick's mom, Shirley Duck, tells Flick that Billy is coming for a visit to Lake Hoohaw, Flick is terrified. He remembers Billy as a bully duck who sat on him once when he was little and wouldn't let him up for "like, four minutes." This story quickly spreads to all of Flick's friends, the amount first being exaggerated to four days and then four months. Billy ends up becoming the subject of a song "Big, Bad Billy the Duck" in which the kids all express how bad Billy is and how they must get away before Billy arrives.

In actuality, Billy is really a nice guy. He responds kindly to Baby Butter, who calls him "Brilly" and is the only one of the kids who isn't scared stiff of him. When Peanut loses a cola cap, Billy makes several attempts to return it to him before finally being able to do so. The truth finally comes out that Flick's memory of when he was little is rather faulty. Billy wasn't a bully who sat on him-- instead, Flick insisted that Billy ride horseback on him and Billy accidentally squashed him for about two seconds. After the truth comes out, the Otters sing "Good Old Billy the Duck."

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