Mayor Jeff: "Bye, Bye PB&J"

(The camera zooms in on Ernest and Opal loading packages onto Ernests storeboat.)

Ernest: Thanks for the help, Opal! Gotta a lot of delivery's to make so I better shove off.

Opal: And remember when you get back tonight, we have a surprise for the kids.

(Changes to PB&J's room. Where they are all sleeping on one small bed. Jelly hits Peanut in the nose, waking him up)

Peanut: Ah! (trys to go back to sleep)

Jelly: Scoot over y'all.

(Jelly pushes Peanut off the bed)

Peanut: (falling) Whoa! How am I supposed to scoot in this dinky bed?

(Jelly falls onto Peanut)

Jelly: Whoa!

(They both get up and look at Butter, who is the only one in the bed, still asleep and taking up the whole thing)

Jelly: How does she do that?

Opal: Yoo hoo! Kids! Come say goodbye to your daddy!

(PB&J run outside screaming "Daddy!". Butters diaper falls causing her to fall)

Butter: Uh oh. (fixes it and runs to Ernest)

Peanut: Daddy!

Ernest: Hey Peanut! (hugs him)

Jelly: Daddy!

Ernest: Hey Jelly! (hugs her) Hey baby Butter!

PB&J: We wanna go with you dad please, please please?

Ernest: (heading to his boat) Not today kids, but just wait'll I get back home tonight! we're gonna move-

Opal: Now Ernest, don't spoil the surprise!

Jelly: Surprise? I wanna surprise!

(PB&J excitedly jump around and ask about the surprise)

Ernest: Ah, y'all are just gonna have too wait and see.

PB&J: Aw, man.

Ernest: (waving) Oodelay PB&J! Oodelay Opal!

PB&J: Oodelay! Oodelay!

(Butters diaper falls again, shes attempts to fix it but falls again. Changes to Opal making Betty Lou Beaver a hat)

Opal: You're gonna look so scrumptious in this fruit bonnet Betty Lou!

(Changes to PB&J who are coloring)

Jelly: Hey I bet I know what the big surprise is Peanut!

Peanut: What? What?

Jelly: (holding up a drawing) They're gonna get us brand new super sonic jet propelled Houseboat!

Peanut: Ah, no way. Betcha dads bring us tuna fish ice cream (holds up his drawing) so we can have tuna sundaes, with peanut butter and jelly on top!

Jelly: Nah, that's not it. what do you think Butter?

Butter: Fishy!

Peanut: Huh?

(Butter hold up her drawing)

Peanut: Dads not going to be able to go fishing with you Butter. He won't be back till it's almost dark.

Butter: (crying) Fishy..

Jelly: Don't feel bad. 

Peanut: Maybe we can figure out a way to pretend fish!

Jelly: I got it! Hey look what I can make! (starts drawing fish)

Butter: Fishy!

Peanut: I'll make you one too Butter.

(Changes back to Opal and Betty Lou)

Betty Lou: Well arent you Miss sharey mood lady today!

Opal: I sure am. Cause today we're gonna be mov-

Jelly: Mama! Do you have some tape? I ripped my catfish.

Opal: Sorry we're out. Hey, but how 'bout this bobby pin?

Jelly: Thanks Mama! (runs off)

Opal: (continues) When Ernest gets back we're gonna be mov-

Peanut: Hey Mama, look I made a whale!

Opal: (giggles) You sure did! And it's a happy whale too!

(Peanut walks off)

Opal: It's a big surprise for the kids, but I can tell you-

Butter: (Showing Opal her drawing) Mama Mama!

Opal: Ohhhhhh, look at it it's a beautiful (can't tell what it is) uh, thingy isn't it!

Butter: Yeah yeah!

(Changes to PB&J coloring, and listening to Opal)

Opal: The big surpise is that Ernest is- (whispers)

Betty Lou: Why Opal Otter, what a wonderful surprise! I love surprises.Those kids of yours are gonna be so... Surprised!

Jelly: I bet their talking about the surprise.

Peanut: What is it? Did you hear?

Jelly: (shaking her head) Uh uh.

Butter: Go fish!

(Butter throws the fish into the air, the scene changes to PB&J outside in the sandbox, pretending to fish.)

Peanut: Yeah, right! Hey, I caught a clam.

Jelly: I got grass.

Butter: Looky! (bends over and picks up a shark toy)

P&J: Whoa!

Butter: Fishy!

(Scene changes to Betty Lou leaving the Otter Houseboat and running into Shirley Duck and Flick)

Betty Lou: Well hey there Shirley Duck!

Shirley: Hey there Betty Lou.

Flick: Good morning Miss. Beaver. you're looking especially fruityful today!

Betty Lou: (pating his head) Why thank you Flick. Wait'll I tell you what Opal Otter told me. It's a big surprise for PB&J! So you cant tell a soul.

Shirley: Well I'd never, you know that. Tell tell!

Betty Lou: Well, she said-

(She starts whispering, and Flick trys to listen in. The scene changes to the Cranes.)

Cap'n Crane: Watchbird Alert! Watchbird Alert! 

(Connie wakes up)

Cap'n Crane: Betty Lou Beaver is whispering something to Shirley Duck.

Connie: You woke me up to tell me that?

Cap'n Crane: Where there's whispering, there's secrets! Deep dark secrets.

Connie: Yeah, and I got a secret for you Cap'n.

Cap'n Crane: What's that Connie?

Connie: I'm going back to sleep!

(Changes back to Betty Lou and Shirley)

Shirley: Ernest and Opal Otter are gonna be mov-

Betty Lou: Shhh! Shirley!

Shirley: Oh, I'm sorry!

Betty Lou: It's a surprise for the kids remember? Nobody's supposed to know!

(Flick laughs then walks off whistling. Scene changes to Pinch and Munchy stacking sticks.)

Pinch: (stacks a stick) There. Your turn.

(Munchy nervously trys to stack a stick. But Flick interrupts him.)

Flick: Hey Pinch, Munchy! Is everybody here? Where's Scootch? Hey, Scootch!

Pinch: Oh no, don't call Scootch!

Munchy: Oh, oh no, not Scootch!

(Scootch runs in, and jumps on the stacked sticks, causing them to break and fall over)

Scootch: Sorry sorry, my fault sorry!

Pinch & Munchy: (crossing their arms) Thank you.

Flick: Great, everybody's here! Listen up, I know somethin' I'm not supposed to know, so naturaly, I'm tellin' everybody!

(Changes back to PB&J pretend fishing. Peanut and Jelly have bored expressions)

Butter: (catches a fish) Yeah!

Peanut: (pointing) Look at that

(Zooms in to reveal that Butter has caught all the fish)

Jelly: How does she do that?

Butter: Looky! (throws the fish in the air)

Peanut: Uh, for what? You caught em' all Baby Butter.

Jelly: (pointing) Hey look, theres Pinch and Flick!

Peanut: And Scootch and Munchy!

Jelly: Lets go see if they wanna play!

(Changes to Flick, Pinch, Munchy and Scootch huddled together)

Pinch: And remember everybody, it's a surprise. 

Peanut: Hey you guys, wanna go on a fishing trip?

Jelly: We made all these neat fish.

Butter: (waving a fish around) Fishy fishy!

(Pinch and everyone else starts backing away)

Pinch: Uh sorry PB&J, I gotta go.

Flick: Yeah me too.

Munchy: My three.

(They all run into Pinch's houseboat)

Jelly: Hey wait, where y'all going? How come no one wants to play with us?

Peanut: I don't know. Maybe they dont like otters anymore. Well if they don't wanna play with us, lets just go back and play by ourselves.

Jelly: Yeah! We'll have fun without 'em.

(Scene changes to PB&J back in the sandbox)

Jelly: Everybody hates us.

Peanut: They're all over at the Raccoons house having fun, and we're sitting here. Fishing for paper fish.

Jelly: What are they doing in there anyway? And why wont they let us play with them?

Peanut: Oh, who cares.

Jelly: I do!

Butter: (ripping up a paper fish) Me me me!

Peanut: Yeah, me too!

Jelly: Well come on then! Lets figure out what to do. Let's do the Noodle Dance!

Peanut: I'll use my noodle, but you're not getting me to dance.

(The Noodle Dance sequence begins)

Noodle, use your noodle. Noodle, do the noodle dance.

Jelly: I got it! (Sees Peanut still dancing) Peanut! Peanut!

Peanut: Ah! (falls over) What? What happened? what?

Jelly: We can get us an Atomic Super Sonic Whogutronic Peeky Ascope! So we can look right through the Raccoons Houseboat, and boom! We can see what they're doing inside.

Peanut: Great idea Jelly, lets go get your Atomic Super Sonic Whogutronic Peeky Ascope!

Jelly: I thought you had one.

Peanut: Uh, no Jelly. I don't

Jelly: Well, what idea did you come up with?

Peanut: Why dont we just go up to the door and knock?

Jelly: Knock on the door?

Peanut: Exactly.

Jelly: Yeah, just ask 'em what's going on. Natural like.

(Changes to PB&J walking up to the door.)

Peanut: Let me do the talking. (knocks on the door)

Jelly: Smooth and natural.

(Pinch opens the door)

Pinch: Oh, hey PB&J.

Peanut: Yes. Hello Pinch. I-

Jelly: How come you guys don't wanna play with us?!

Peanut: Smooth Jelly. Real smooth.

Pinch: Well we do, its just-

Jelly: Hey look, baloons!

Pinch: Uh, gotta go now. See ya' (slams door)

Peanut: (sad) They're hav'n a party.

Jelly: (sad) Without us.

(Butter starts crying)

Pinch: (opens the door) Surprise! (Pinch, her parents, Flick, Munchy and Scootch all start singing.)

~Bye Bye PB&J~

Bye bye, Peanut, Jelly, Butter.

We will really miss you on the swings.

Playing tag and climbing trees together.

You're our favorite furry things.

Jelly: Did, did you say mmo- moving away?

Peanut: I guess that's mama and dads big surprise.

Pinch: Your mom told Mrs. Beaver, and she told Flick's mom, and Flick told us. And, (hugs Jelly) oh Jelly, I'm gonna miss you so much.

Jelly: How come nobody told us?

(PB&J run over to Opal screaming "Mama!")

Opal: What is it kids? What's the matter?

Jelly: Are, are we mmoving?

Opal: Ah, Jelly what ever gave you that idea?

Peanut: They did!

(shows Flick, Munchy and Pinchs family)

All: Hey.

Flick: Well, Mrs. Beaver told my mom Mrs. Otter. She said you were moving out today.

Opal: Oh no you got that mixed up. We're not moving out, we're moving in, something special for our kids.

Peanut: Something special?

Jelly: For us?

Opal: Yes! (hears Ernests boat) Oh look, here comes Ernest now.

Ernest: Well looky here! Looks like everybodys exicited to see your surprise PB&J!

Peanut: What is it? Tell me! Please! Please tell me what it is!

Jelly: What is it? What's the surprise daddy? What is it?

(Ernest walks over to something being covered by a sheet)

Ernest: (rips off sheet) Tadaa! New beds! Built them myself out of packin crates! One for each of ya.

Opal: No more getting pushed out of bed at night! (PB&J cheer)

Peanut: Yay beds! No more falling!

Opal: You see, and now we're gonna be moving.

Peanut: Huh?

Jelly: Moving?

Opal: Moving the beds into your room silly. We're gonna right here on Lake Hoohaw for a long, long time!

(Everybody cheers as the camera zooms out to show the whole lake. Then fades to black)

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