Doris and Willy Muskrat

Dolores/Doris (left) and Wally/Willy (right)

Dolores and Wally are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Muskrat. They both appear in the episode Easy Pickings, and during a flashback in Sleepyhead.


Dolores (or Doris) has brown fur, a light tan muzzle and belly, and orange hair stylized in a bob cut, like Jelly Otter, except Doris has a light blue bow in her hair. She also wears white socks and sneakers the same color as her bow.

Wally (or Willy) has slate blue fur, a white muzzle and belly, and two pairs of whiskers on each side of his face. He wears a red bandana around his neck, white socks, and red sneakers.

Both Muskrat Kids speak with a southern accent.