Ella, Topeka, y Jerry Nutrias was the Spain version of PB&J Otter. It aired on Telecinco for the 1st season, then in syndication for the later seasons, and on TVE1 for the final season. It now airs on La 1.


  • The theme song has a echo, as if the singers are singing the theme to a crowd of fans.
  • Mayor Jeff has a Yugoslavian accent and is voiced by a female in the dub.
  • The voice actors are credited as "lectors" even though it was a complete dub without the original English voices in the background.
  • A scene of Butter (or Topeka) with a snail on her head was often used for Telecinco's Up Next bumpers for the show.
  • The original English intro was used on one episode.

Catchphrase translations

Character English Spanish (Spain) Meaning
Scootch Raccoon Sorry, sorry, my fault

Oh dios mío,

Oh dios mío!

(Said after he run towards people or things yelling: Hey chicos! Ya voy!)

Oh my god,

Oh my god!

(Said before that: Hey you guys! I'm coming!)

Flick Duck Cheese and Quackers! La indignidad! The indignity!


Productores Ejecutivos - Jim Jinkins

Productor Supervisor - Jack Spillum

Producido por - Bruce Knapp

Directed By - Jeff Buckland

Escritor - David Campbell

Executive Editor de la Historia - Peter Parker

Directora de voz - Phil Parker

Line Producer - Jim Houston , Linda Rowley

Gerente de Producción - Masako Kanayama

Subdirector - John Schnall

Editor de la Historia - Reed Shelly

Escrito por - Reed Shelly

Coordinador Script - Robert David

Directora de voz - Kent Meredith

Coordinador de Talento - Tsukasa Nakamori

Music By - Dan Sawyer

Songs By - Fred Newman, Dan Sawyer

Carácter y Prop Supervisor - Miguel Martínez -Joffre

Supervisor Antecedentes - Freya Tanz

Coordinador de Diseño - Heather L. Heath

Diseñadores de caracteres - Fariba Adams , Mike Foran , Pat Giles , Matthew C. Peters , Vinh Truong

Diseñadores de fondo - Zigang Chen , Ray DaSilva , Ray Feldman , Miriam Katin , Andrei Poteryaylo

Storyboards por - Jean Lajeunesse , Stephan Martiniere

Supervisor Storyboard - Christopher McCulloch

Coordinador Storyboard - Deidre Stammers

Slugging Storyboard - Mi Chatterton

Asistente de Producción - Laura Dalesandro

Las revisiones Storyboard - Fariba Adams , Ray Dam, Ray Silva , Matthew C. Peters , Elaine Roche , Irene Wu

Hoja Timing & Boca Exposiciones - Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Co. , Scott y Kathy Fiander , Jill Halliday - Velázquez , Noel Kelly, James Stephenson

Adicionales Boca Exposiciones - Pat Giles

Supervisor Color de fondo - Sophie Kittredge

Pintores Antecedentes - Zigang Chen , Miriam Katin , Michael Zodorozny

Supervisor de color Tecla / EFX - Mariana Dominis - Dunnigan

Color Estilistas - Candi Harrah

Los internos de producción - Brian Glambocki , Michael Lambardo , Brian Trainor

Coordinador Animatic - Charlene McBride

Lectura Track - Harry Chang

Ultramar Animation Studio - Plus One Animation

Director de Animación - Choon Lee Man

Supervisor de Animación en el Extranjero - Ric Machin

Supervisor de diseño en el Extranjero - Marcus Wagenfϋhr

Publicar Supervisor de Producción - Marcus Pauls

Editor - Daniel J. Rosen

Editor de Diálogo - Albert Altura

Supervisor Video - Frank Drucker

Diseñador de sonido - Bob Pomann

Grabación / Mixing Studio - Pomann Sound

Facilidad Video - Mensaje Perfect

Consultor Ejecutivo - Bill Gross

Versión en español - Audiomaster 3000 Versión lectores españoles - Carlos Íñigo, Gabriela Vega, Israel Magaña, Jorge Roig, Julieta García Rello, Leyla Rangel, Maggie Vera, María de Jesús Terán.

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