"Follow Your Nose" is a song from the PB&J Otter episode by the same name. The song features Peanut, Jelly,
Baby Butter, Flick and the mole children Edward, Molly and Nosey. It is one of two songs in the episode along with "An Oodely-Doodely Day." In the song, the characters sing about how they can use their noses and other senses to find "a different way of looking around." The song is performed in the style of a rock number.

Sample Lyrics

There's another way of lookin' around
Just open up your senses
Touch and skip and use your ears
When we open our minds, fears disappear!

And we'll just follow our nose, follow our nose
Feel around the ground with our tippy-toes
Follow our nose, eyes stay closed
Open up our ears and just suppose

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