Friends and Neighbors is a song from the episode, The Funky Band. The reprise is joined in with Ootsie and Bootsie Snootie.

It shows how PB&J and the friends have fun by playing together in a band.



You sing a note and I sing too,

Sing it straight or curly-Q.

Any honk or howl will do,

For friends like me and you.


We're all together, fur and feathers, Just because,

We're flapping our wings and beaks and clapping our Feet and paws.

Yapping, yowling, quacking, howling, happy just because,

We're friends and neighbors playing loud, on Lake Hoohaw!


There's nothing better than a crowd,

So play along and sing out loud.

(Like) ripples moving cross a pond,

Friends go on and on (songs and friends go on).


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