From Our Heart
From our heart - screenshot
The entire gang onstage performing "From Our Heart"
Originating episode The Singin' Kid
Performers Group:
Peanut Otter, Jelly Otter, Munchy Beaver, Flick the Duck, Pinch Raccoon, Scootch Raccoon, Baby Butter Otter

Jelly Otter


Fred Newman, Dan Sawyer

Music written by

Dan Sawyer

From Our Heart is a song from the episode The Singin' Kid. There are two versions of the song appearing in the episode: an initial chorus-only version sung by Jelly Otter near the start of the story, and the full version sung by the entire cast at the end of the story. The song is about how one should be grateful for what one have been given and that one should be true to our friends and to themselves.

In the solo version near the beginning, Jelly hits a high note at the word "true" at the end of the song from a normal note (Middle D) to a soprano high note (Octave of middle D). There is also a practicing version where she sung part of the song (goes like this: Everything may come to you/ But above it all you gotta be true.).

Lyrics samples

From the start
We take what we've been given
From our heart, everything that we do
Never part, from the love that we're livin'
And to our friends, we've gotta be true!

Full lyrics

Full lyrics can be found, as usual, on Agent_0042's excellent PB&J Otter Lyrics page

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