Halloween Halloween
PB&J Otter - Olive a Sudden, I'm Not So Scared
"Halloween Halloween" helps Pinch feel not so scared.
Originating episode A Hoohaw Halloween
Performers Jelly Otter, Peanut Otter, Munchy Beaver, Flick Duck, Pinch Raccoon


Fred Newman and Dan Sawyer

Music written by

Dan Sawyer

Halloween Halloween

Halloween Halloween is a song from "A Hoohaw Halloween." Pinch is nervous to go out trick-or-treating on Hoohaw Halloween, so Peanut, Jelly, Munchy and Flick help her to see that the scary stuff is only pretend. This song was also used as the closing credits instrumental for "A Hoohaw Halloween."

Sample Lyrics

 [Peanut, Jelly, Munchy, Flick and Pinch]
 We'll explore
 Trick or treat
 Knock on every neighbors' door
 Together with our friends it's just pretend
 [Peanut, Jelly, Munchy, Flick and Pinch]
 Think of all the goodies we can eat

Full Lyrics

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Song Sample

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