Adam Rose was 10 to 12 years when he was acting as Peanut Otter. In 2000, he was 12 in the broadway show "The Gathering."

He released 3 albums with his original and Peanut Otter's Voice: 

-The Gathering (1999) {at age 12} -Crazy, Popular Classics (2000) {at age 12} -Nuttin' for Christmas (2000) (with Gina Marie Tortorici , Gwen Shepherd , Chris Phillips and More) {at age 12 1/2}

Jenell Brook Slack was 12-14 when she voiced Jelly Otter. She was notable for the 2003 live-action movie, "Summer Solstice". Other works were Ragtime and Les Miserables under the name of Hale Center Theater. Slack is notably known for the most beautiful singing voice and high pitch speaking of Jelly Otter

She released 6 albums with her original voice and Jelly Otter's voice:

-Les Miserables (1997) {at age 10} -Popularity of Classics (1999) (with Cathy Pennes) {at age 12} - Ragtime (1999) {still, at age 12} -Dream and Imagine with Me (2000) (with Gwen Shepherd) {at age 13 1/2} -Christmas in My Heart (2000) (with Gwen Shepherd) {at age 14} -Are My Ears on Straight? (2001) {at age 15}

Gina Marie Tortorici was just 4 years old when doing Baby Butter Otter. Under the name of Baby Butter, she released 2 albums:

- Nuttin' for Christmas (with Adam Rose and more) (2000) {at the age of 5 1/2} - Unorthodox Jukebox (2001) (with Adam Rose and Jenell Brook Slack. Contains singing and rapping, both at once. ) {at the age of 6}.

Jim Jinkins hired them for more honest characteristics.

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