The PB&J Otter song Noodle Dance has been dubbed and translated into many languages for the international dubs of PB&J Otter .

Translated Title Country Show Audio/Video Releases Note
Ballo del Cervello (meaning "Ball of the brain") Italy Pepi, Briciola e Jo-Jo ?  ?
Köpfchen-Tanz (meaning "Head Dance") Germany

PB&J Otter Die Rassellbande vom Hoohaw-See

?  ?

ひらめきダンス (meaning "Flash Dance")

Japan Ka wa uso famirī
Danza del Conocimiento (meaning "Knowledge Dance") Mexico/Spain

Las Adventuras de PB y J Otter

Ella, Topeka, y Jerry Nutrias

To jak to jest! (meaning "It's how it is!") Poland I pies, i wydra

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