Making Fun
PB&J Otter - Making Fun 7
"I know what you're talkin' about."
Originating episode A Hoohaw Halloween
Performers Jelly Otter, Peanut Otter, Munchy Beaver, Flick Duck, Pinch Raccoon


Fred Newman and Dan Sawyer

Music written by

Dan Sawyer

Making Fun

Making Fun is a song from "A Hoohaw Halloween." Peanut, Jelly and Baby Butter get stomachaches on Halloween and are upset that they're not able to go trick-or-treating. With a nudge in the right direction, they are able to see that they can make their own fun and they get their friends to join in as well, making tasty treats for the Halloween party.

Sample Lyrics

 Don't you bellyache
 [Flick and Munchy]
 Tell 'em, friend!
 Ain't what you take
 [Flick and Munchy]
 You know it's true!
 But what you make
 [Flick and Munchy]
 Comes back to you!
 There's no excuse to have the blues
 Let's not discuss
 It's obvious
 Start making fun

Song Sample

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