Mayor Jeff
PB&J Otter - Mayor Jeff 1







First Appearance

Bye, Bye PB&J

Last Appearance

Goodbye Lake Hoohaw

Mayor Jeff (last name unknown) is the mayor of the community of Lake Hoohaw. It is unknown if his position is elected or appointed, though he is a generally well-liked figure. In addition to his mayoral duties, Mayor Jeff is an avid follower of history and also possesses great nautical prowess, owning his own submarine.

Mayor Jeff is a generally sociable figure. Lake Hoohaw being the small community that it is, he is generally easily accessible and approachable, even to the kids, who sometimes ask him for advice. Mayor Jeff councils Peanut and Jelly on telling the truth in "Nothin' But the Tooth." He also officiates for the Annual Lake Hoohaw Junior Track Games in the third season story "On the Right Track."


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