PB&J Otter - Mr Bigdog

Mr. Bigdog decides to spend some time in Lake Hoohaw.

Mr. Bigdog is Edouard Snootie's boss in PB&J Otter. He is a rich real-estate developer. A cowboy hat, belt and boot wearing bulldog, he first surfaces in the program's third and final season in "A Very Surprising Party."

When a bank error causes the Snooties to have no money, they find themselves facing an imminent crisis. Mr. Bigdog is coming and is expecting them to throw a fancy party. When the whole of Lake Hoohaw comes together to help the Snooties, Mr. Bigdog is impressed by their down-to-earth country hospitality.

Evidently the character was considered a hit among the program's writing team, as he was brought back for the final episode written for the program, "Goodbye Lake Hoohaw." This time, he has a big plan, to drain Lake Hoohaw to make way for a resort and theme park. At first, everyone was fond of the idea, but after realizing what it would entail, they had a heart-to-heart with Mr. Bigdog, who was actually rather easily swayed by their arguments. At the end of the episode, he announced that he was planning to spend an extra week or two in Lake Hoohaw, noting that there's really no other place like it.

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