PB&J Otter - Mr Caterpillar 1

Mr. Caterpillar, eating a giggle melon

PB&J Otter - Mr Caterpillar 2

"Mr. Caterpillar, no, no, no, gotta make the melons grow!"

Mr. Caterpillar was a minor character seen in "Thanks for the Giggle Melon." Mr. Caterpillar liked the taste of Jelly's giggle melon plant and ate some of the plant and one of the melons. Jelly was upset, but she forgave the caterpillar because she knows the melons taste really good. Later, Mr. Caterpillar was seen when everyone was playing "Pass the Butter, Please." Mr. Caterpillar also was a part of the song "Gonna Make the Giggle Melons Grow."

Mr. Caterpillar is sometimes seen wearing a hat.

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