Nothing Lasts Forever
Scene from Nothing Lasts Forever song
Jelly and Peanut hug one last time
Originating episode Hope Castle
Performers Peanut Otter, Jelly Otter, Munchy Beaver


Fred Newman, Dan Sawyer, Rich Mendoza, Michael Maurer

Music written by

Dan Sawyer

Nothing Lasts Forever is a song from the episode "Hope Castle", the second last song to be sung in the episode (prior to a short reprise of "Hope Will Carry Us Through"). It is a solemn and melancholy song, performed mainly by Jelly about how nothing lasts forever and things will eventually go away, but on the upside, how the team worked together, gave it their best, and still have each other even though the fruits of their labor is for naught. It's similar to a song released as a single performed by Bette Midler from her 1990 album Some People's Lives, called "From a Distance".

Sample Lyrics

Nothing lasts forever,
That's what people say.
When something you've been dreaming of
Just gets washed away.

Nothing lasts forever,
What am I s'posed to do?
When hopes and plans vanish in the sand,
How do I make it through?

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