PB&J Otter - Old Tim

Old Tim, the Ice Moose, appears to Flick Duck.

Old Tim is the name of The Ice Moose, the equivalent of Kris Kringle/Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus within the world of PB&J Otter. It is believed by some that if, on Hoohaw Hoo Eve, you turn around three times, make Ice Moose antlers, go "honk honk honk" and then make a wish on the star of Hoohaw Hoo, then Old Tim and his Sugarplum Ferrets (the equivalents of Santa's reindeer) will grant it. In "The Ice Moose," PB&J and the others put on a pageant about Old Tim. Peanut, Butter, Jelly and most of their friends believe that Old Tim is real, though Flick, disappointed at not receiving the flashy presents he wanted, has stopped believing (if he ever truly believed at all.) Flick's disbelief is tested when he meets a young mouse who wishes on the Ice Moose to fly. He receives a visit from Old Tim in a dream. Additionally, at the end of "The Ice Moose," Old Tim and his Sugarplum Ferrets are shown driving off in a sleighboat. Tim exclaims "Happy Hoohaw to all and to all a hahoo!" in a nod to the final line from the classic Christmas poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (or "A Visit from Saint Nicholas.") Butter refers to him as "Moo-Moo".

Old Tim only appeared in "The Ice Moose" and was voiced by Harry Belafonte. Though he was mentioned in Hoohaw is Where the Heart Is when Connie Crane sarcastically said "No dear, I'm the Ice Moose".