"One, Two, Three" is a song from the episode, No Hands, No Feet, No Wings. This song shows how everyone plays together fairly by taking turns. In the anniversary celebration, Jelly Otter sings the song only along with the wide audience in an anniversary event called "Olympic Game Show".

About this Song

Performers:Mayor Jeff (Bruce Bayley Johnson), Peanut Otter (Adam Rose), and Jelly Otter (Jenell Brook Slack)

Music: Dan Sawyer

Songwriter: Fred Newman

In the key of: B Major-C Major



(Spoken) You don't know what you're missing. The most fun you can have is by playing together.

(Sung) One and one is two,

that stands for me and you

and one more makes three,

then suddenly, you've got a jubilee!

(CHORUS) One, two three,

you can all play separately,

but if you play together,

you'll have more fun than ever.

Peanut and Jelly: One, two, three,

we can all play separately.

But if we play together,

we'll have more fun than ever!

Jelly: If you have more than two,

there's so much that you can do.

Join with everyone,

Mayor: Then suddenly, you've got a lot of fun!

Peanut and Jelly: (CHORUS)

Jelly: You can have a match,

when you play a game of catch,

Peanut: And the more it seems,

then suddenly, you've got a perfect team!

Peanut and Jelly: (CHORUS)

Jelly: Together, everyone....

Peanut and Jelly: Just multiplies the fun!

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