Oodelee, Oodelay
PB&J Otter - Oodelee, Oodelay 5
It worked! Walter Raccoon fell asleep!
Originating episode Sleepyhead
Performers Peanut Otter, Jelly Otter, Flick Duck, who is prevented from humming,and Pinch Raccoon


Ned Ginsburg

Music written by

Dan Sawyer

Oodelee, Oodelay

Oodelee, Oodelay is a song from "Sleepyhead." This song is a lullaby for Pinch and Scootch's father, Walter Raccoon, sung by Peanut, Jelly and Pinch. The Anniversary Celebration version has 2 verses and is sung only by either Jelly Otter or Pinch Raccoon. At the beginning of the song, Jelly covers Flick Duck's beak but the rest are still singing.



Oodelee, oodelay, etc.
Sleep my neighbor
Sleep through the day
All my friends are quiet at play
So sleep as sunlight fills up the sky
Close your eyes and sleep.

Anniversary Celebration lyrics as follows is sung by Pinch:

Close your eyes, your dreams will come true,
Like the moon, I will see you through
So stay with me until sunlight has nigh,
Close your eyes and sleep.

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