Opal Otter








Ernest Otter (husband)
Peanut (son)
Jelly (daughter)
Butter (daughter)
Aunt Nanner (sister)
Redolfo (brother-in-law)

Opal Otter is the wife of Ernest Otter and the mother of the three kids, Peanut, Jelly and Butter.

Physical Appearance

She's a purple river otter with a matching dark purple afro. Her eyes are black dots and she wears glasses.


Opal has lived on Lake Hoohaw for her entire life. Before her sister, Anna, moved to Howdydoo Island, Opal often hung out with her and Betty Lou Beaver. When a new otter, Ernest, moved in from the city, Opal was resistant at first to get to know him. However, when she gave Ernest a chance, she ended up getting married to him. She speaks with a South African accent.

Opal and her family

While Opal is more of the serious type unlike her husband, you could still say that the two of them are a perfect couple. Sometimes during the evening, Opal and her family hang out on their dock and talk about their day.

Opal often plays with her kids upon them asking her to. She is well-loved by her family, as PB&J once took care of her chores for the day when she was sick. ("Mama for a Day") Sometimes, Opal can be seen doing the Noodle Dance with her kids, such as in "Sherlock Otter."

Opal and Ernest Otter's parenting style can be described as somewhat hands-off. While they are there to offer their children advice if they need it, they encourage their children to use their brains, and work through their problems in a smart and fair manner.

Other facts

  • Opal is known to be a good baker.
  • She is almost always seen wearing a fish apron and slippers.
  • Opal has a special recipe for Magic Mud that helps make your face look beautiful.
  • Due to her having an African-American voice actress, it can be presumed Opal and Ernest represent an interracial couple.
  • She can sing and play the acoustic guitar .
  • Opal sometimes wears a sea-shell necklace that doubles as a clock.