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Welcome to PB&J Otter Wiki.
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PB&J Otter Wiki is a fan made website which is dedicated to providing detailed information to all of its visitors in all the different aspects of Playhouse Disney's classic PB&J Otter including characters, episodes, locations, cast etc. Since this is a fanmade wiki anybody is free to edit!

If you need some help, contact one of our admins

  • CDCB2- As the founder of this awesome wiki, CDCB2's mission is to make this the ultimate site for PB&J Otter information. He has been a fan of the show since Season 3 originally premiered and taped some episodes on VHS in addition to recording every episode from Disney Junior reruns. He used to be inactive, but now he's back!
  • Splouge- When he was five, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. But he didn't let that stop him from having a happy life. He is still a very smart person. Became an admin via adoption. He's funny, smart, and will get rid of the spammers.
  • PB&Jfan63- Became an admin via adoption. Another big fan of the series. Started watching PB&J Otter around 1998 or 1999. Didn't watch it much. Didn't hate it, but just watched it when he was bored. When the show came back on the air, he fell in love with the show. And for the first time in years used his VCR to record the show. Later switched to DVR. When he joined this wiki, he was shocked to see that there were so many spammers. And inactive admins. He later became an adopted admin.
  • Love Robin- She has never heard of the show, but she is trusted with many wikis to help when admins are inactive. She administrates 18 other wikis and does a superb job. Splouge made her an admin.

PB&J Otter News

May 16, 2014

  • As of this date, PB&J Otter reruns have been removed from Disney Junior. It is currently unknown on when/whether the show will return.

May 4, 2014

  • Lake Hoohaw Boards is picking up activity! A lot of us are here, including Splouge, PB&Jfan63, and CDCB2 (under the name of Flick Duck)! Be sure to sign up there if you're not a member already!

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