Pepi, Briciola e Jo-Jo (Pepi, Crumb and Jo-Jo) is the Italian dub of PB&J Otter. It currently aired on Playhouse Disney in Italy from May 2005 until 2009. The original US Episodes are dubbed into Italian.

Character Translations and Voices

English Character Name Italian Character Name Italian Voice actor
Peanut Otter Pepi Alessia Amendola
Baby Butter Otter Briciola Valeria Marconi
Jelly Otter Jo-Jo Federica de Bortoli
Opal Otter Birillo Cristina Noci
Ernest Otter unknown Ambrogio Colombo
Pinch Raccoon Fiocco Orsetti unknown performer
Anna Aunt Nanner Otter Anna, Zia Nanner unknown performer
Scootch Raccoon unknown unknown performer
Ootsie Snootie unknown unknown performer

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