Pinky Dinky Doo

Pinky Dinky Doo is a production of Cartoon Pizza and Sesame Workshop that aired in the United States on the Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin until 2009) network. Based on a series of books by Jim Jinkins, the program focuses on Pinky using her imagination to make up stories that give her little brother, Tyler, inspiration to solve problems such as being picked on by a school bully or not wanting to take a bath. The two, together with Mr. Guinea Pig, visit the Story Box, where Pinky makes up a story in which just about anything could happen. Each story also features a Great Big Fancy Word, such as "agenda" or "cacophony."

Unlike PB&J Otter, Pinky Dinky Doo does not have original songs created for each story, but it does have two recurring songs-- "Story Box" ("Yesarooni, positooni, we're going to the Story Box, where Pinky's really good at making up stories and every story rocks. Story box!") and "Think and Think and Think" ("If I have a problem, don't know which way to go, I think and think and think and suddenly I know! C'mon, Pink, THINK!!") In PB&J Otter, the characters try to get ideas using the "Noodle Dance." Pinky gets a big idea by "thinking big" and her head is actually shown expanding in size as she tries to think up the solution to a problem.

The program was originally created using Flash Animation, but moved to 3D Animation for it second season. Each story on the program is followed by a few interactive games, which ask the viewers to recall elements of the story.

The show has not been seen in repeats until 2016, when HBO picked up rights to 3 Sesame Workshop programs, the other 3 being Sesame Street and The Electric Company. The first season was made available for purchase on Amazon.

Limited List of Known Crew Shared Between the Two Programs

  • Jeff Buckland (Director)
  • David Campbell (Developer)
  • Jim Jinkins (Creator, Developer, Executive Producer)
  • Kent Meredith (Voice Director)
  • Daniel J. Rosen (Animatic/Post Production Editor)
  • Dan Sawyer (Musical Score and Songs)
  • Jack Spillum (Supervising Producer)

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