Pinky Pledge
Season 3, Episode 21b
Pinky Pledge
Air date February 14, 2001
Written by Reed Shelly, Robert Askin
Directed by Jeff Buckland
Episode Guide
Easy as Pie
Peanut Cries "Uncle"
Pinky Pledge is the second story from the 21st episode of Season 3 and the 115th story overall of PB&J Otter. In this story, Mr. Raccoon gets a new job in the far-away town of Lake Walla-Walla Bing-Bang, and it looks as though Pinch and her family will have to move there. This doesn't sound so hot to Pinch or Jelly, so the two try and think up a way for Pinch not to move.



  • This is the only time Pinch and Jelly hug in a PB&J Otter Episode.

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