Cover art.

Playhouse Disney, Vol. 2 is the second Playhouse Disney album released in 2003. It includes several PB&J Otter songs.

Song List

This is a list of all the tracks included in the album. PB&J Otter songs are in bold.

  1. Playhouse Disney Theme (Character Version) - The Wiggles
  2. Woodland Valley Cha Cha - Bear in the Big Blue House
  3. No Harm - Bear in the Big Blue House
  4. It Takes All Kinds - Bear in the Big Blue House
  5. Where Would You Be Without Your Friends - Bear in the Big Blue House
  6. An Oodely-Doodely Day - PB&J Otter
  7. No Big Deal - PB&J Otter
  8. All Together We Can Build It - PB&J Otter
  9. Imaginings - PB&J Otter
  10. No Place We'd Rather BePB&J Otter
  11. Heartbeat - Out of the Box
  12. Just Say This - Out of the Box
  13. Listen To Me - Out of the Box
  14. Turn A Mistake Into Something Great - Out of the Box
  15. Box Beat - Out of the Box
  16. What Piglets Are - The Book of Pooh
  17. If I Could Be Big - The Book of Pooh
  18. Carry On - The Book of Pooh
  19. The Bluebird Song - The Book of Pooh
  20. What's Your Name, River - The Book of Pooh
  21. Just You And Me - Stanley
  22. Everyday Is Earthday - Stanley
  23. Good As Gold - Stanley
  24. Goodnight, Dennis - Stanley
  25. Playhouse Disney Theme (Generic Version) - The Wiggles

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