PB&J Otter - Story of Johnny Pompalope Book

"The Johnny Pompalope Story"

A pompalope is a useful fruit within the world of PB&J Otter and on Lake Hoohaw. The many uses of the pompalope were discovered by Johnny Pompalope in a parody of Johnny Appleseed, though it also seems to reference the many uses of peanuts discovered by George Washington Carver. People on Lake Hoohaw say that "a pompalope a day keeps the doctor away," the same way that someone would say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Pompalopes grow from very small seeds with can be planted in a group into sphere yellowish-orange fruit with green leaves at the top.

Pompalopes are featured in a number of items, including pompalope pie, pompalope juice, pompalope cider and pompalope stew. The fruit itself is even sometimes made into a type of footwear known as "pompaloafers."

Pompalopes in popular culture

The word Pompalope have entered pop-culture use, due to the memetic nature of the word. Apparently it is commonly used as psychobabble, although apparently a different fruit with the same name was developed, perhaps for fan-fiction. The word has also apparently become synonymous to describing something as cool or beautiful[1]. It is possible that many of the users of the word were perhaps at one point PB&J Otter viewers.



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