Ricky's going to catch a ball

Ricky Raccoon is Pinch's cousin who's first and only appearance was in "Opal and the New Otter" when he was visiting Pinch. It is unknown if he is about her age, as we see him with a few inches taller than Pinch. As he stated himself, he lives in the city. The typical life there is very different from that in Lake Hoohaw. Ricky was seen playing with Pinch and her friends, but notably Ricky and Scootch were never seen together.


Not much is known about Ricky and his life, other than what he's said himself. Ricky has only been seen wearing a red hat, collar, and tie (above). As seen in the picture below, Ricky has a concern for germs. Like he said, Lake Hoohaw lacks the kind of germ-cleaning service the city provides. Like everyone else on the show, he's very nice. He is also in great physical shape, as he can do a variety of tricks when simply catching a ball. In addition to that, he is also very intelligent. Jelly thinks he's a "big hot-doggy show off" because of all of this.


Ricky, as stated above, lives in the city where the average life is significantly different from that in Lake Hoohaw. There's a mall in the city which is even bigger than the field in Lake Hoohaw. According to Ricky, this mall has a large variety of places, including an ice skating rink, a bowling alley, and a theater with 20 different movies that are shown. Everyone dresses with more clothing, as Ricky shows, simply by what he's wearing.