Save Our Tree is a song from the season 2 episode Save Oaky Oak Tree. In the song, Peanut, Baby Butter, Jelly, Munchy, and Pinch sing about how much they love Oaky Oak Tree. And how they will defend it. During the reprise, they try to persuade Ootsie, Bootsie, and the workers of Beaver Tree Removal not to cut it down. Because they love it so much. It's Peanut and Munchy's pirate ship, Pinch's tea party house, Butter's swing, and Jelly uses it for her puppets. They are successful at keeping it from being cut down. Because the Snooties were touched by their song.


Everyone: Save our tree.

Peanut: It's my treehouse!

Everyone: Save our tree.

Pinch: It's my tea house.

Everyone: Can't you see?

Jelly: Great for puppets!

Everyone: How much we love it. What a friend

Munchy: For a pirate king!

Everyone: It has been.

Butter: It's my swing!

Everyone: We'll defend it, till the end

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