PB&J Otter - Simon Fieldmouse

Simon, wearing the new hat that Flick gave him.

Simon Fieldmouse is a young mouse who is seen only in the season 2 special, "The Ice Moose." He lives with his mom and dad in a house somewhere within the forests of the Lake Hoohaw community. For Hoohaw Hoo, he had three wishes: a piece of candy, a new hat (to replace his old one, which is very patched and frayed) and to fly. He briefly spots Flick Duck dressed up as Old Tim, the Ice Moose. When he then sees Flick out of costume, he comes to believe that he is one of Old Tim's helpers. Though Flick previously wanted nothing to with the holiday of Hoohaw Hoo, he becomes charmed by Simon and decides to try to grant his wishes.

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