Thanks for the Giggle Melon
Season 3, Episode 18
Thanks For The Giggle Melon
Air date July 23, 2000
Written by Tommy Nichols, Dennis Garvey
Directed by Jeff Buckland
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Thanks for the Giggle Melon is the 18th episode of Season 3 and the 110th story overall of PB&J Otter. In this special Thanksgiving episode, Jelly is determined to try and grow a tropical giggle melon fruit in Lake Hoohaw, despite the fact that many of the townsfolk believe it cannot be done.

Story Detail


Opal (Gwen Shepherd) reads the title card. It was winter and the kids are building a snow otter near the houseboat. Peanut (Adam Rose) recalled that it took a lot of work to make it. Jelly (Jenell Brook Slack) wished it snowed more so they can make a friend for the snow otter. Just as Jelly wished for it, Aunt Nanner (Nancy Giles) whisked by on her jet ski. Peanut tells her that she better be careful what she wished for. Butter (Gina Marie Tortorici) got really excited when she saw her. Aunt Nanner tells the kids that they have surprises from Howdydo Island. Inside, Opal gives the kids hot cocoa while Aunt Nanner starts handing out the presents. Peanut tells Aunt Nanner that he'd never heard of that place. So Aunt Nanner gave out the presents. She recalled that it was really hot. So she gave a fan to Peanut. And since it was raining, Butter got an umbrella. And for Jelly-- a giggle melon. Aunt Nanner said it tastes so delicious, before she could finish, Jelly bit into her piece and started giggling.

No More Giggle Melons?

Opal thanks Aunt Nanner for the presents. Peanut asked Jelly if he and Butter could have a piece. Jelly says she doesn't have anymore. She suggested that Aunt Nanner had another one. Aunt Nanner turns to Jelly and Jelly told her that was the best-tasting thing that she'd ever put in her mouth. Then she asked if she had more. Aunt Nanner said that she doesn't have another and they only grow on Howdydo Island. "No more giggle melon?" Jelly asks.

Finding the taste

The scene changes outside where everyone was sledding on lids in the snow. Scootch (Cody Pennes) sledded too fast and crashed into the snow otter built earlier in the special. "Sorry. Sorry. My fault." He says. Pinch (Cody Pennes) asked Jelly if she's ok. She said to Pinch that she can't stop thinking about giggle melon. Then Flick (Edddie Korbich) showed up and asked Jelly what's a giggle melon. Jelly tells him that it's the best fruit in the world. Munchy (Chris Phillips) came up behind her and tells her that sounds good and asks her if she can have some. Flick snaps at him that he told her first. Pinch asked Jelly for a piece. Jelly told everyone that she doesn't have anymore. Jelly decided to do the noodle dance to find out how to get some giggle melon. Peanut protested to dance but he did it anyway. Flick had an idea that they can get giggle melon at Ernest's Store boat. Peanut says that he doesn't sell them. Then Jelly thought of an idea to use a subway to go to Howdydo Island. Flick got mad about this. "Hello?! There's no subway that goes anywhere. We don't have subways!!!" He yells. Munchy said that they can run backwards very fast to go back to yesterday. Peanut said that was a great idea. Everyone shouted excitedly as they began to run backwards fast. But they fell. Munchy found out that yesterday looked like today.

Snow Angels & More Ideas

Pinch suggested that they make snow angels. Jelly said that they think and make snow angels at the same time. Then Peanut asked Jelly if any of that giggle melon left at the house. Jelly said that she ate it all except for the seed. Maybe they can plant it so they can grow a lot of giggle melons. Flick took it away from her and decided to get the seed growing. He started to plant in the snow. Peanut proclaimed that Mayor Jeff (Bruce Bayley Johnson) plants his garden in the spring. Jelly hoped spring gets here soon.

Operation: Giggle Melon

5 months later, the kids got out their garden equipment to start planting. Opal complained that it's hard to grow giggle melons on Lake Hoohaw. Jelly said that she's getting help from her friends. Munchy said that if giggle melons don't grow here. Jelly cutted him off by saying that it might be hard but they will work hard. Only Pinch agreed. Peanut just said that he doesn't know. They headed off to find Mayor Jeff.

Not True

They go visit Mayor Jeff but he said he'd never heard about these parts. Jelly told him that nobody had a seed, like she does. Mayor Jeff told her that giggle melons grow in tropical referring to hot and very wet. Finally they go visit Dad but he said that they don't grow here. Up in the tree house Cap'n Crane complained to Connie Crane that the kids have a problem. Now he had a problem. The scene changes as they meet Wanda Raccoon. She just told them that its never been done. Then Cap'n crane finds them but Connie tells him that Jelly is growing giggle melons and told her that no one grows it here. Finally Flick said that this will never works and everyone except PB&J leave to play Space Ducks.

Advice from Aunt Nanner

Peanut says that playing Space Ducks is fun. PB&J group hug and Jelly tells him that he can go and decided that she can grow giggle melons herself. Just then, Aunt Nanner shows up again asking what are the three up to. Jelly says that they're growing giggle melons. Peanut says that everyone told us that they won't grow here. Aunt Nanner says that giggle melons do grow in a tropical place. Jelly started to get disappointed but Aunt Nanner tells her that with hard work, she will never know what will happen. Jelly felt better. She knew she can do it...

Part 1 Final Scene

So Jelly begins planting her giggle melon and finds out that it is growing. The scene changes in PB&J's room. Peanut apologizes for not believing in her. Jelly says that she forgives him and she can't wait to show her giggle melon to her friends. We'll All Laugh Together plays as Jelly begins to dream about her giggle melon. Everyone bit into a piece and started laughing.

Jelly wakes up and can't wait to have her giggle melon being picked. But as she went to her giggle melon. She gasped in horror. Her giggle melon has been eaten by a caterpillar! Jelly felt now more disappointed. Jelly forgives the caterpillar and tells herself that no one on Lake Hoohaw will taste her giggle melon. She leaves but didn't notice the leaf and a sprout shoots with the plants still alive and well as the screen slowly fade to black.

Part 2 Opening Scene

At the start of the second half, PB&J, Pinch, Scootch, Flick, and Munchy were in PB&J's sandbox playing an adventure game. Peanut, Flick, and Munchy were arguing about who's the captain. When Munchy said Howdydo Island. Jelly said that's where they grow giggle melon. Flick gets angry about giggle melon and kept on jabbering about giggle melon which made Jelly more upset. Munchy walks over and apologizes her. Peanut recovers it by saying that they can play 'Pass The Butter Please'. They walk over to the swing. Butter climbs in and giggles as they play. That is until a caterpillar crawls on the swing. Flick asks if that was the same caterpillar that ate Jelly's giggle melon (Seen earlier near the end of Part 1). Flick got surprised and covered his mouth. "I did it again." He said. Peanut recovers it again by asking mom to go swimming. Flick says that they'll not think about giggle melon. Jelly was furious. She stomps away with everyone else with Flick saying, "What? WHAT?"

"I said it again!"

Moments later Jelly and her friends happily swam in the lake until it was time for lunch. That is until they thought they saw a sea monster. It was Aunt Nanner with Fishicles! Everyone ate their fishicles. Pinch said that Nannar always brings the best treats. Flick tells her that it was like the time she brought giggle melon. Pinch said she was hoping to get some. Flick asked Jelly how giggle melon tasted. Jelly cries and walks away. Flick yells, "Cheese and Quackers! I said it again!" (Which should have ended Part 1)

The Discovery

Jelly was heartbroken. Peanut and Butter find the kids and Flick had no idea where was Jelly. Peanut tells him that she's upset about her plant. Pinch suggested that they should plant flowers. Butter heads to the garden and finds something familiar - Jelly's giggle melon!

Proud of Herself

They all meet Jelly and tell her the good news. But Jelly was still heart broken. Peanut finally said that they should go plant those flowers already.