The Come Back Mama Song
PB&J Otter - The Come Back Mama Song 9
Again, again!
Originating episode Come Back, Mama
Performers Peanut Otter and Jelly Otter


David Baron, Lindsay Jehan, David Wilson

Music written by

David Baron, Lindsay Jehan, David Wilson

"The Come Back Mama Song" is a song from the PB&J Otter story "Come Back, Mama." . The song is a gentle tune originally taught to Peanut and Jelly by their mom, Opal, to help them not feel so anxious when she went away. The two teach the song to Baby Butter. The song has dance movements of a sort and the characters close their eyes many times during the song. When the song begins, Baby Butter cries a little when Opal leaves, but by the time the song is over, she is smiling and shouts for the song to be sung "again, again!"

Sample Lyrics

Just like the sun comes up every day


Just like rain falls from the sky


Just like the spring follows winter's end

[Peanut and Jelly]

When Mama goes away, she comes back again!

Full Lyrics

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Song Sample

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