PB&J Otter - Lake Hoohaw Resort and Theme Park

The proposed Future Lake Hoohaw

The Future Lake Hoohaw was a resort and theme park that Mr. Bigdog planned to create within Lake Hoohaw in the series finale "Goodbye Lake Hoohaw," one that he promised would make everyone there really rich. Edouard Snootie explained that only a "few minor changes" would be needed for a whole lot more people to enjoy Lake Hoohaw. Mr. Bigdog and Edouard Snootie explained that this planned resort would have the following:

  • A giant marina
  • A hotel
  • All sorts of rides
  • A big floating mall and food court
  • An airport
  • A fancy mansion for all existing residents

Edouard then sang about some of the other fantastic things that would be coming, such as "new lighted fountains" and "artificial mountains" in the song "It's Gonna Be Great." He and Mr. Bigdog also encouraged the residents to think up their own ideas of things that they would want in a place like this. At first, everyone was really excited about this idea, but then Mr. Bigdog came in with a lake sucking machine, explaining that the lake itself would have to be drained to accommodate all this. Once everyone realized what creating this new resort would entail, they pleaded with Mr. Bigdog to not go through with the plan and he decided not to change Lake Hoohaw.

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