The Ice Moose
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date December 6, 1999
Written by Eric Weiner
Directed by Jeff Buckland
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The Ice Moose is a Christmas double-length story from the second season and the 60th story overall of PB&J Otter. In this story, PB&J and their friends and family celebrate Hoohaw Hoo, the Lake Hoohaw equivalent of Christmas. To celebrate the holiday, they have a pageant. Aunt Nanner is slated to play Old Tim, the Ice Moose, but comes down with a bad case of otter flu not long before the pageant. The kids to enlist Flick as a replacement, but Flick is down on the holiday, having only received a pair of underwear for Hoohaw Hoo and not the fancy presents that he wished for. He doesn't believe in Old Tim and only briefly agrees to play the role before stalking off in distaste. Along the way, he meets Simon Fieldmouse, a small, poor mouse who wishes that he could fly. Hearing Simon's wish, Flick's annoyance with the holiday begins to melt, but he has to learn to fly himself before he can help Simon.

Written by Eric Weiner with Harry Belafonte as the guest voice of the Ice Moose, Old Tim.


  • Hoohaw Hoo (and reprises)
  • Practice Makes Perfect


  • There wasn't a fade when Jelly said, "Maybe we'll think of somehing once we get going.
  • The only fade was when Flick waves bye to Simon and walks away.
  • This was the only double length episode that centered around Flick.