The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw
Season 3, Episode 23b
Title Display - The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw
Air date August 27, 2000
Written by Jim Rubin
Directed by Jeff Buckland
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The Thing That Almost Ate Hoohaw is the second story from the 23rd episode of Season 3 and the 119th story overall of PB&J Otter. In this story, Mayor Jeff spots something very unusual--a huge, serpent-like creature swimming around in Lake Hoohaw while fishing one day. When Mayor Jeff tells the neighborhood kids about his sighting, they try to imagine what their favorite superheroes would do to battle the insidious creature.


  • This and Big Beaver Day are the only episodes to be produced using the digital ink-and-paint animation system. Every other episode used the traditional hand-painted "cel" animation method.


  • Don't Judge a Book By its Cover