Walter Raccoon

Walter Raccoon is a character on PB&J Otter. He is married to Wanda Raccoon and is the father of Pinch and Scootch Raccoon. He operates Lake Hoohaw's recycling boat and also helps people with household problems.

Of all of the members of the Raccoon Family, Walter is the one whose behavior is closest to that of a real raccoon. Raccoons are known to be mostly nocturnal and are known for their abilities when it comes to scavenging and foraging. Walter works the late evening to night shift and sleeps during the day. As such, he is often away from way home or sleeping when his kids are awake, but he does his best to be a good father to them. When he is working, Walter is usually seen wearing a yellow vest with a red symbol for recycling and red boots.

Like his son Scootch, Walter can be sometimes clumsy too, as seen in "Munchy's Sinking Feeling," when he accidentally wrecked Munchy's favourite toy boat with his recycling boat. He felt so bad about it that he ended up reconstructing it from the pieces, making it as good as new. In "Sleepyhead," the kids sang him a lullaby when he was having trouble sleeping. Later, he received a reward for being Recycling Hero of the Year.

In "Pinky Pledge," Walter gets a new job in Lake Walla-Walla Bing-Bang, and just like he did in Lake Hoohaw, he will work there every night and come back every morning.

In cameo appearances, he appears in some episodes, such as Howdy Hoohaw Day, where he can be seen with a flute in the song, On the Shores of Lake Hoohaw.