You Just Can't Hide Your Heart
PB&J Otter - You Just Can't Hide Your Heart 7
The group gets together in the song.
Originating episode Ducking Out on Valentine's Day
Performers Peanut Otter, Jelly Otter, Munchy Beaver, Flick the Duck, Pinch Raccoon, Ootsie Snootie, Bootsie Snootie


Fred Newman, Dan Sawyer

Music written by

Dan Sawyer

You Just Can't Hide Your Heart is a song from "Ducking Out on Valentine's Day." In this story from the show, Flick was upset after he thought Ootsie and Bootsie had snubbed him by not giving him a Valentine and told everyone he didn't want any Valentines. After things were all resolved, Jelly told him that it would have been better if he had just said what he really wanted in the first place. Like Jelly says, "There's an old song that says it all!"

Sample Lyrics

[Peanut, Jelly, Munchy, Flick, Pinch, Ootsie and Bootsie]

You can't keep a creek from flowin'
You can't be somethin' that you're not
Ain't no doubt, you've gotta let you're feelings out
You know you just can't hide your heart


You can't keep the wind from blowin', heh heh


You can't keep a lid on a boilin' pot


A little candle glow has gotta shine, you know

[Ootsie and Bootsie]

You just can't hide your heart

Song Sample

Disney's PB&J Otter - You Just Can't Hide Your Heart (Sample)

Hear a song sample


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